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#MeetSDStateNursing—Amanda Drews

Amanda Drews

Hometown: Camarillo, California 

What motivated you to choose a career in nursing? I think it is a very exciting career field with so many different paths to choose from. I also love working with people and having the opportunity to make their day even just a little bit better!

Why did you choose SDSU to pursue your nursing degree? I fell in love with Brookings during my very first tour visit. I think South Dakota State University provides a uniquely close community that has been my primary support system throughout my college career and has given me the best college experience I could have ever wanted.

What clinical experience have you enjoyed the most and why? Advance medical-surgical at Avera Heart Hospital. I had the opportunity to learn so much about the heart and perform so many of my skills. The nurses there were so supportive and great about explaining concepts that I may not understand.

What are you involved in? I am the president of the student nurses association, a nursing ambassador, involved with Little International and intramural sports and the SDSNA community health chairperson.

What is your big dream? Continue to advance my nursing degree (maybe a master's program) and travel a lot.

What advice would you share with a future nursing student? Take advantage of every opportunity to learn or get involved, you never know where these opportunities might take you.