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Find your career with an #SDStateDegree

College is about forming a new knowledge base, making connections, seeking unique experiences and using university resources to ensure your degree builds you up for the career and life you desire. 

Through internships, industry partnerships, experiential learning, undergrad research and study abroad opportunities, a 4-year degree provides lasting value. On an annual basis, bachelor’s degree holders earn about $32,000 more than those whose highest degree is a high school diploma, according to the Association for Public Land-Grant Universities. In addition, bachelor’s degree holders are half as likely to be unemployed as their peers who only have a high school degree and they make $1 million in additional earnings on average over their lifetime, according the APLU.

Use the #SDStateDegree hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share the value you've gained from your 4-year degree and college experience. 

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