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Facility and Equipment Fee


Rates for SDSU Group

Grounds Use:  

  • $2/person/day + Overnight Stay:  $5/person/night
  • Lodging Arrangements
    • Bunkhouse1: $7.50 for a minimum group up to 30 people + $1/person over minimum
    • Dining Hall1: $12.50 for a minimum group up to 30 people + $1/person over minimum
    • House1: $12.50 for a minimum group up to 30 people + $1/person over minimum
    • Primitive Camping: free
Special Needs:
  • Classroom (& Laboratory Space)1 & 3:  $6 for a minimum group up to 30 people + $1/person over minimum
  • North Classroom1: $7.50 for a minimum group up to 30 people + $1/person over minimum
  • Canoe2: $2.50/canoe/day
  • Motorized Boat with Trailer (academic use only by permission): $40/day + Fuel
  • EZ Go Utility Cart with Tilt Bed (academic use only by permission): $10/day + Fuel
  • Mesocosm Array (academic use only by permission): $40/week
  • Riding Corral (4-H and SDSU Horse Unit only by permission)
Exception for research students who don’t access any building facilities, no charge!
Rates for Public Local Community (e.g., local school system), day trips
  • Grounds Use: $1.25/person
  • Dining Hall: $25
  • House: $25
  • Classroom: $25
  • Canoe2: $5/canoe
Rates for Private Local Community and Academic Non-SDSU Group
  • Dining Hall: $10/person
  • Classroom: $10/person
  • Combination of Dining Hall & Classroom: $15/person
  • Lodging
    • Bunkhouse: $7.50/person
    • Dining Hall Dorm: $10/person
    • House: $15/person
    • Primitive Camping: $5/person
  • Canoes2: $5/canoe/day
Sales Tax

 Facility and Equipment Fee and 9% sales tax, if applicable, will be billed after use. Please refer to the following tax exempt entities.

  • Indian Tribes
  • United States Government Agencies
  • State of South Dakota
  • Public or Municipal Corporations of South Dakota
  • Municipal or Volunteer Fire or Ambulance Depts.
  • Public Schools, University, Technical Institutes of SD
  • Non-profit Hospitals
  • Relief Agencies
  • SD Religious and Private Schools

Additional Notes:

1SDSU Groups are charged a minimum building fee for up to 30 individuals. Larger groups (>30) are charged an additional $1 amount per person per day according to the figure to the left of the minimum charge. For example, a group of 32 people renting the Bunkhouse would pay $9.50(=7.50+2.00) per day.

2Canoes may be rented at the listed rates per day up to 8 canoes. Each canoe holds 3 people. Life vests and paddles are included within the rental fee. South Dakota State University assumes no responsibility for accidents related to the use of canoes.

3Laboratory Space is accessible for approved research projects only.

Requests may be submitted to the Field Station Director for a service project. Successful completion of approved 2 hour service project will reduce the total billing by half (those already receiving special fee discounts do not also qualify for a service project discount).

Additional charges may be assessed if the following tasks are not completed prior to group departure (see IV. C. Guarantee/Deposit of the "Facility and Equipment Policy"):

  1. Groups must check-in and check-out with field station staff.
  2. Tables and chairs should be returned to their original positions.
  3. All electronics and lights should be turned-off and put away.
  4. All teaching, lab materials and field equipment should be cleaned and put away.
  5. All trash should be removed from the site (there will be a $5 per bag charge for any trash left behind).
  6. Floors must be swept.
  7. Dishes must be washed and put away.
  8. Windows and doors must be shut and locked.
  9. The main gate should be shut and locked.

All individuals must submit a $100 damage/cleaning deposit with the reservation form. Sponsored groups may submit a letter signed by an authorized representative of the sponsoring group and accepting responsibility for damages and cleaning costs in lieu of a cash deposit. Deposits and letters accepting responsibility will be held until the caretaker has inspected reserved facilities following departure of each group.  In the event that damages occur or cleaning/trash removal is required, charges will be assessed against the damage deposit or sponsoring group to cover such expenses.

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