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Weekly Walk

Weekly Walks

Weekly Walk

SDSU Health’s sponsorship of Weekly Walk is an opportunity for employees to enjoy a healthy midday walk. Employees are encouraged to participate and work with supervisors as schedules allow. It is encouraged for employees to walk multiple times a week.

Several interior walking opportunities exist and outside routes are available on the SDSU campus

Interior walking distances include:

Bailey Rotunda

2 miles = 22 laps

1.5 miles = 16.5 laps

1 mile = 11 laps

0.5 mile = 5.5 laps

Bailey Rotunda and Wagner Hall combined

2 miles = 11 laps around Bailey Rotunda and Wagner Hall

1.5 miles = 8 laps around both plus half a lap around Bailey Rotunda

1 mile = 5 laps around both plus an extra lap around Wagner Hall

0.5 mile = 3 laps around both Bailey Rotunda and Wagner Hall

The Barn

NOTE: One lap includes walking along the black line of the basketball court, outlining the outside of the gym court. Along the east side, follow the curtain line.

2 miles=24 laps

1.5 miles=18 laps

1.0 mile=12 laps

0.5 mile=6 laps

Campus routes

Walking Map, 1-mile

Walking Map, 2-mile