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Spring Break Tips

Student on College Green

Staying safe while traveling locally or abroad

Visit the U.S. Department of State web site and the Students Abroad web page. The site has information on what you need to travel abroad and best methods of staying safe while overseas. Other useful tips for traveling abroad or staying in the U.S. include:

• Never travel alone. Go with a group of trusted friends. Tourists can be noticed a mile away and others may try to take advantage.

• Make sure a family member knows your travel plans. Leave information on where you will be, how you can be reached, and make plans to check in on a daily basis.

• Have the right identification documents with you — carry a passport or passport card and your health insurance card. If you are taking a road trip, find out if your auto insurance covers roadside assistance, or consider purchasing a AAA membership.

• Make sure to understand your medical benefits, especially if leaving the country. It is a good idea for you and your friends to share this information in the event of serious injury.

• Make sure you research and understand the requirements for taking prescription medication across any border if traveling to another country. Also, make sure to plan for having enough medication on your trip.

• Plan for the weather conditions. This includes sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

• Know the laws if traveling to another country. Don’t do anything illegal.

• Show respect for others and authorities.

• Make responsible decisions about alcohol.

• Do your research on where you are going.

Tips for spring break success

* Know your location and surroundings. Understand how to get back to your hotel, friend’s house, campsite, meeting locations, etc.

* Watch out for yourself and your friends. Plan to check on each other and return home together. Have designated meeting times. Help a friend that may be in a position of drinking too much.

* Avoid the drama it’s the easiest way to put an end to spring break fun.

* Protect your location on social media sites. Sharing too much information on your location may endanger your personal safety.

* Remember you are being recorded. Cell phone cameras are everywhere.

* Know your personal limits, use a designated driver or cab if you choose to drink. Also, don’t drink on an empty stomach.

* NO means NO.

* Wear sunscreen if you venture to a warmer climate, especially on your first day in the sun. South Dakota winters don’t provide a means of a base for sun tanning.

* Protect your personal belongings.

* Watch your finances. Don’t spend yourself out of a fun week on the first night. Also, you will need funds to get home.

* If you are single and you decide to find romance, be sure to practice safe romance. Also, don’t expect much from a spring break romance and be careful of those claiming to be single, as that is not always the case. This is true for both males and females.

* If you are in a meaningful relationship, don’t ruin it by finding spring break romance. You will regret it later.

What to do if you are staying home for spring break

• Catch up on your sleep. Hanging out and relaxing can ease your mind and body.

• Try a new hobby. Why not? You have some time.

• Exercise.

• Make a little money. Your old boss will take you back.

• Volunteer. Spend some time helping others. This could even include your family who may be wanting to start a little spring cleaning!

• Movie night with friends, family, or both. Get out to a local theater, or just hang out watching some favorites at home.

• Get ahead on your school work. Yes, actually study and work on some of those projects over the break.