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Navigating Relationships Webinar Series

The seminars touch on a number of topics including managing stress in our home and personal relationships, how to develop healthy work relationships and a discussion on ways to grieve.

Managing Stress in our Home and Personal Relationships

We’ve changed how we offer classes. We’ve changed how we conduct research. We’ve changed how we interact with colleagues.

And we’ve done a good job! But how are we doing in our personal relationships?
Please join SDSTATE Health for the first discussion in our Navigating Relationships series.

Managing stress in our home and personal relationships. A panel discussion with Dr. Andrea Bjornestad, CHRD Faculty Member, and Dr. Jill Thorngren, Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences.

Develop Healthy Work Relationships

Without strong work relationships, there is no pillar on which a team can stand. Strong relationships in the workplace lead to better output and enhance employees feeling of belonging. Join our panel to discuss how to move forward with difficult relationships and Develop Healthy Work Relationships.

Developing Healthy Work Relationships. A panel discussion with Nicole Picconi from the SDSU Ombuds Office, Denia Warne, Employee Relations Specialist and Linda Ahrendt with the Department of Health.

Grieving and Loss.

We have all suffered so much loss through the Pandemic – loss of loved ones, loss of relationships, loss of human contact. Let’s discuss ways to overcome that loss and healthy ways to grieve.

Grieving and Loss. A panel discussion with Dr. Jodi Heins, Assistant Department Head of Pharmacy Practice, Rev. Dr. Teri Johnson, Senior Lecturer in CHRD, and Ms. Jessica McLaughlin, Assistant Director of Counseling at the SDSU Wellness Center.

Mental Health Basics: Self Awareness and Responding to Others

Good mental health is a driver of success in every relationship that we have at home, at work and in our social lives. We have all learned to self-monitor for COVID symptoms, but how can we self-monitor our own mental health and the health of our loved ones, colleagues and students?

What are some of the important fundamentals underlying good mental health and what are the resources on campus and in the Brookings community? Join this panel discussion, which provides insight into these basic questions and a chance to add some tools to your ability to respond to challenges encountered in this complex area.

Mental Health Basics: Self Awareness and Responding to Others. A panel discussion with Jeremy Daniel, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Jessica McLaughlin, Assistant Director of Counseling Service – SDSU, and a HR representative providing insight on behavioral health benefits.