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Healthy Tips for On-Campus Eating

Weary Wil Restaurant

These & Those Noodles

• Ask for whole wheat noodles

• Try the red sauce instead of creamy alfredo

• Add veggies and lean protein like chicken or shrimp

• Forgo the breadstick


Papa John's

• Portion your pizza (eat only half at meal time) and, if needed, pair your pizza with salad or fruit

• Ask about leaner protein options (chicken, beef)

• Ask for less cheese than normal

• Add vegetables to your pizza

• Opt out of sides (breadsticks)


The Bindle

• Make sure to add a fresh or cooked veggie to your meal for a healthy side

• Opt for water, iced tea, milk or 100 percent juice instead of high sugar sodas and sports drinks

• Menu rotates every three weeks


Grill Works

• Vegetarian burgers available

• Turkey burgers available for a leaner protein option

• Ask to substitute grilled chicken for any burger

• Remember mayo and special sauces add calories, use ketchup and mustard


Einstein Bros. Bagels

• Make salad or a wrap - ask for your sandwich on a bed of lettuce or a wheat wrap and pair it with fruit

• Ask for a bagel thin or a whole-wheat bagel

• Soy milk available for dairy intolerances

• Order plain black coffee

• Try the reduced fat cream cheese


Weary Wil's

• Get a side salad, fruit or veggies instead of fries

• Opt for water or low-calorie beverage

• Substitute any burger for a black bean burger or grilled chicken

• Ask for chislic to be grilled

• Buns made without gluten are available for gluten intolerances


Java City

• Substitute skim milk

• Try one of the many hot teas for a lower caffeine option

• Order plain black coffee

• Soy milk available for dairy intolerances


Students at the Dairy Bar

Dairy Bar

• Ask for one scoop instead of two

• Get your ice cream in a dish instead of a cone

• Try one of the grab-n-go salads for a quick, healthier lunch option

• Soy milk available for dairy intolerances


Extreme Pita

* Order a small/regular pita instead of a large one

• Turn any pita into a salad

• Pack it full of veggies


Union Coffee

• Substitute skim milk

• If dairy intolerant try coconut, almond or soy milk

• Try Chai Tea with 1/2 steamed milk, 1/2 steamed water, a bag of chai and just a little sweetener

• Try any of the hotel team items for a lower caffeine option

• Order plain black coffee


Sandwich Shack

• Ask for wheat bread or gluten free bread for gluten intolerances

• Ask for light mayo or oil and vinegar instead of high-fat sauces

• Forgo cheese for an easy way to reduce calories, fat and sodium

• Pack on the veggies


Erbert & Gerbert's

* Opt for less creamy soup like chicken noodle for chili for a lower fat option

* Try the whole-wheat bread

* For gluten intolerances check out the made for gluten station



• Try the grilled chicken sandwich or nuggets to avoid excess calories from breading

• Choose water or ask for lemonade to be made with Splenda over real sugar

• Opt for a fruit cup or side salad

• Ask for a whole-wheat bun

• Try a chicken wrap


Panda Express

• Ask for mixed vegetables or brown rice instead of fried rice or Lo Mien

• Get the veggies as an entree 

• Opt for a bowl instead of the two entree plate/box


Larson Commons

• Check out the kiosk and posted nutrition information

• Gluten free buns available for gluten intolerances

• Vegetarian option available

• Ask for grilled chicken 

• Eat a salad with lots of vegetables and a bowl of fruit for dessert

• Menu rotates every four weeks and is available online and through the app


Jacks' C-Stores

• Try the fresh fruits or veggies for a quick snack

• Other healthier snack options include popcorn, granola bars or whole-wheat crackers with cheese

* Canned vegetables available


Healthy Vending Machine

• Color coded to show items that are better options - choose green or yellow

• Access to nutrition information by typing in the item's number and selection the "i"

• Located at Wellness Center, Morrill Hall, Avera Health Sciences Center, Crothers Hall, Larson Commons, Bailey Rotunda and the University Student Union