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SDState Health

SDState Health is a consortium of South Dakota State University’s health science programs, student health and counseling services and health system and community partners committed to innovations in education, practice, and research across health professions and health-related programs. 

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The long-term vision of SDState Health is to develop and foster a culture of health and wellness across the university and throughout the communities we serve.  A consortium approach will assure meaningful collaboration to prepare the next generations of health and allied health professionals and scientists to meet global and national health challenges, including managing costs, assuring patient safety, improving care quality, and unraveling and impacting the complex interplay of social, behavioral, genetic, and environmental determinants of health.

Components of SDState Health include:

  • SDState Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Academic Programs
  • Community and Health System Partnerships
  • Research Collaborations

Multiple collaboration opportunities exist across the SDState Health landscape.  Examples of such collaboration would include greater integration of health profession students into the provision of health services, counseling services, and clinical, internship and research sites.

The primary connection of SDState Health to the campus and other communities would be through the SDState Health HUB (an acronym for Healthy University and Beyond) being designed into the Miller Wellness Center expansion. The proposed HUB would feature enhanced classroom/learning spaces to foster interprofessional education initiatives within the health sciences and health/wellness programming for the campus community.  Further, the HUB would include telehealth capabilities that would provide a platform for experiential learning and improve student health services for off-campus students at remote sites such as University Centers in Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Rapid City.