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SD-WISE Coalition Members

  • Mary Emery

    Mary Emery

    Professor of Sociology & Rural Studies

    College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

    School of Psychology, Sociology and Rural Studies

  • Meredith Redlin

    Meredith Redlin


    Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies


    School of Psychology, Sociology and Rural Studies

  • Cynthia Anderson

    Cynthia Anderson

    Associate Director of CCBR and Associate Professor of Biology, BHSU

  • Alyssa Kiesow

    Alyssa Kiesow

    Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Science and Math Chair, Professor of Biology, NSU

  • Paula Mabee

    Paula Mabee

    Professor of Biology, USD

  • Pam Rowland

    Pam Rowland

    Director of CybHER Institute, Assistant Professor of Cyber Security, DSU

  • Andrea Surovek

    Andrea Surovek

    Research Scientist IV, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SDSMT