Meet a Theatre Student

Meet Alex

Alex Garcia

Name: Alex Garcia

Major: Theatre

Minors: Dance and English

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Graduation year: 2019

Why did you choose SDSU? 

I chose SDSU because it was close to home, had a fantastic campus and was affordable. I liked the feel that the institution was a place where you could relax, but also a school that repaid you many fold for the effort you put into your academic work.

What drew you to your major?  

I knew I wanted to be a Theatre major in High School, but before I arrived I knew nothing about the Theatre department at SDSU. I met with the director of theatre, J.D. Ackman, and I felt that this was a great place to be for my needs as a student. The professors would take an interest in my work and help me with anything I could possibly need, and I would grow into a well-rounded theatre professional.

Who has had the greatest impact on your time at SDSU? 

The person who has had the greatest impact on me at SDSU is Professor Jim Wood. He has continuously allowed me to push myself on stage and in the classroom by setting high standards and holding me, and all of my peers, to them.

What is your most memorable SDSU experience?

My most memorable SDSU experience has to be my first work weekend for theatre. We spent all day working on the set, lights, costumes and everything else that needed to be done. It was a great opportunity to meet and get close to everyone in the department, and it made me realize that I was a part of a great group of students and faculty that come together to create incredible shows and memories.

What activities have you been involved in on campus?

I have been involved with The Haunted Trail, Alpha Psi Omega’s Capers, The Hobo Day Parade and, of course, the theatre productions.

What has been your favorite class? Why?

My favorite class so far has to be Directing. It was my favorite because it made me really uncomfortable at times, and forced me to grow as a person and artist. Directing showed me it was okay to be anxious or fearful of failure, but that the most important thing was just doing it anyway and learning along the way.