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Through didactic and supervised practice (minimum 1200 hours), the NDI at SDSU will provide opportunities for students/interns to accomplish ACEND 2017 Competencies through a variety of management, clinical and community experiences.

All students must start the NDI program by the fall semester start date of the year they are accepted into the program. A graduate student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student and be taking at least five credits per semester to be eligible for Federal student aid.

The supervised practice portion of the internship is planned after completion of the NUTR 795 Practicum Nutrition & Dietetics Courses (1 credit Fall, 1 credit Spring, 1 credit Summer) which are taken during the student’s first academic year in the program. Supervised practice rotations in designated regions of SD occur over the Fall/Spring semesters of the student’s final academic year in the program.

Interns who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the dietetic internship and graduate degree with an official transcript listing degree and date earned will receive verification statements and verification statements will be submitted to the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) so that interns who completed the internship are eligible to take the RD examination.

Information on the existing MS program offered through the department is available in the SDSU Graduate School Catalog and on the Nutrition and Exercise Sciences M.S./Ph.D. webpages

Focus Areas of Study

The graduate coursework within the SDSU NDI program for an M.S. degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences allows students the option of pursuing a specialization in Nutrition or Exercise Science with an emphasis in Public Health. A graduate certificate in Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention is also available.

Note: The graduate handbook also includes a M.S. in Dietetics. This is specifically for our GPIDEA online program. SDSU NDI interns will be pursuing a MS degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences and NOT the M.S. in Dietetics.

Additional information on required and elective courses and the plans of study for the community or sports nutrition focus are found in the Health and Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Handbook.  

A brief description of each graduate course is also provided in the online SDSU Graduate School Catalog.