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Online Dietetics M.S.

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An online advanced degree program for registered dietitians or individuals who are registration-eligible.

Offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA).

The online Master of Science in Dietetics is one of the most innovative in the country, taught through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA), a consortium of universities who have banded together to offer online graduate programs. Our online MS in Dietetics is the largest of the GPIDEA programs with 9 universities participating.

This program is for registered dietitians to earn their master's degree and is a total of 36 credits. There are 12 credit hours of core courses and 18-24 (dependent upon the option) credit hours of electives. There are three options for students; 1) Thesis option requires 6 credit hours of HNS 798 Thesis; 2) research paper option requires 3 credits HNS 788 Research Problems; and 3) written comprehensive exam option requires written comprehensive. Thesis and research problems students write their thesis or research paper and defend it orally with their supervisory committee. Students who complete a comprehensive written examination also have an oral examination with their supervisory committee. The 12 credit core includes a graduate statistics course such as STATS 541, NFS 734 Research Methods in Dietetics, NFS 735 Current Trends in Dietetics Practices and NFS 760 Vitamins and Minerals in Human Nutrition. The remaining courses cover a wide variety of topics to meet the needs of the diverse dietetics profession including clinically oriented nutrition course, community or public health nutrition course, health care administration, management-oriented courses, food science and food service management.

The M.S. in Dietetics does not prepare one to become a Registered Dietitian. For more information on how to become a Registered Dietitian, please visit

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