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CHRD-Administration of Student Affairs (MEd)

This program meets the standards of excellence in professional preparation as described by Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) for student services or college student development and is designed for those who seek professional roles in student affairs or related areas of higher education in any post-secondary setting. Students who seek strong counseling skills and/or LPC status should pursue the college counseling (M.S.) specialization.

Students that complete this 36-credit program will earn a Master of Education in counseling and human resource development (CHRD) specializing in administration of student affairs.

The academic advising certificate will be offered as a stand-alone credential for those who already hold a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or may be offered in combination with the counseling and human resource development (M.Ed.) - administration of student affairs specialization or counseling and human resource development (M.S.) - college counseling specialization.

Program Outcomes

Each program objective aligns with one of the eight core CACREP standards and with one college counseling and student affairs specialty track standard.

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for competent ethical practice.
  2. Demonstrate skills, knowledge, and awareness to counsel within a diverse society.
  3. Describe and explain the process of change as expressed by individual and family counseling theories across the lifespan.
  4. Identify and describe theories and models of career development, counseling and decision-making.
  5. Demonstrate essential interviewing, counseling, and conceptualizing skills.
  6. Identify and apply approaches used for various types of group work.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts of standardized testing and other assessment techniques.
  8. Discern evidence-based counseling practices.

College Counseling and Student Affairs

  1. Create an artifact with input from collegiate level professionals to promote the holistic success of individuals in higher education settings/

Career Opportunities

  • Academic advisor
  • Residence hall professional
  • Multicultural affairs professional
  • Academic support staff for TRiO and Upward Bound programs
  • Vice president or dean of student affairs

For questions about this degree, please contact Katelyn Romsa.


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