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Studio Art Computer Specifications

SDSU Studio Art Computer and Media Policy

BFA students within the Studio Art area(s) are required to have both some type of computer device (Tablet, Laptop or Desktop) and a camera to document their work throughout their academic career at SDSU. This hardware is an essential resource for the art student and is as important of a tool for the artist as the pencil or brush.

Digital computing connects the student to the world of art and will be used in their education and professional practices throughout their studies at SDSU. The computer and camera serve as a resource to the Studio Art student as a way to create, document, edit and store the artist's work for digital portfolios, documents, storage, correspondence and application to career opportunities.

Access to online content and the ability to view, store, create and edit digital content are crucial for the Studio Art student and supplement their growth. Students will need to store and access “Cloud” accounts, which may or may not come with devices if ports for external devices such as portable or flash drives are not available.

As students progress through the program, their resulting use and need of computer hardware, devices and software may become more complex and may require upgrades or additional software/hardware on their computing devices.

Digital media requirements for students beginning in their Sophomore Fall semester are:

Hardware: Mac or PC: Desktop, laptop or tablet

ItemHardware: Mac or PC: Desktop, laptop or tablet
CPUCurrent standards for processing Documents, Photo, Internet Usage -At least 1.6 GHz-2.2GHz
Display13 inches or More
RAMAt least 8GB, but 16GB is great
Cloud Storage15GB or More
Disk Storage128-256GB or More
*Optical DriveExternal Drive: DVD +/- R/RW (optional)
Flash Drive32GB flash drive
Operating SystemCurrent + Updates when needed Windows or Mac
*To PurchaseJackrabbit Central (or other)

To facilitate student competency in top-rated software products demanded by industry institutions, SDSU requires students to purchase current versions of software packages from Adobe. It is imperative that students have the required software packages purchased and properly installed PRIOR to their first day of studio in their second year of the program (fall of the second year).

Camera Documentation:


DSLR or Point and Shoot


DPI300 dpi or more 
Pixel Dimensions1000x1000 

Software (Student Licenses)

Students must have basic document software such as word (which will available to them free as SDSU students). They also must have some form of “industry” standard photo documentation software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom to edit photograph documentation. Other applications may be found for free online for cropping, orientation, editing issues for documentation and maintaining a digital portfolio of their work. Students may be asked to purchase additional software in conjunction with representation electives. Any additional software purchases will be disclosed prior to students’ class registration.

ItemSoftware (Student Licenses) 


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 (FREE through SDSU - Jacks email Office 365 to access) 


Adobe Light Room or other Photo Editing Software 

Important Notes:

  1. SDSU and the School of Design at SDSU prohibits the use of pirated software. Students who have pirated software on their computers will not be serviced and can be reported. Students are expected to maintain proof of ownership for all software and will be expected to maintain a file cataloging of all software license numbers, serial numbers, etc.
  2. Contact the Support Desk with any issues.

Questions or needing clarification should contact Instructor Peter Reichardt. Questions about software installation processes should be directed to the SDSU Support Desk | Phone: 605-688-6776