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Juried Student Art & Design Competition and Exhibition

2021 Annual SDSU Juried Art & Design Competition & Exhibition

Entries accepted April 12–15, 2021 Deadline for entries is Thursday, April 15th, 2021, 5pm.

The Juried Student Exhibition runs April 28–August 27, 2021. Sponsored by the School of Design, the Ritz Gallery, and Friends of the Arts. Open to all students currently enrolled at South Dakota State University. Cash prizes will be awarded in graphic design and studio art.

Announcements of award winners and exhibition opening:  1:30pm, Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, Ritz Gallery  

Please plan to attend if your work is accepted into the exhibit

2021 Jurors

Angela Zonunpari, artist & arts writer, Fresh Produce Co-founder, No Business Magazine 

Eli Show, artist & musician

Lately Van Zante Visiting Artist Talk 6:30pm, Thursday, April 22nd livestreamed on twitch

In Lately, Angela Zonunpari and Eli Show look at the process of curation and  art-making. They draw focus on current obsessions and attractions that influence  what they make as artists.

* Artist Talk RSVP sdsu-van-zante-visitng-artist


  • Juror’s Choice Award - $200
  • Director’s Choice Award - $200
  • First Place Graphic Design - $150
  • First Place Studio Art - $150
  • Second Place Graphic Design - $100
  • Second Place Studio Art - $100
  • Third Place Graphic Design - $75
  • Third Place Studio Art - $75
  • Honorable Mention Graphic Design - $50
  • Honorable Mention Studio Art - $50

❋ NEW ❋ Awards for 2021!

  • CAHSS Dean’s Award - $200
  • Innovative Use of Materials Award - $100
  • Innovative Typography Award - $100 


  1. By entering a work, the entrant agrees that the work may be exhibited for the run of the show and that the work meets all the following guidelines. Work may not be removed from the exhibit early.     
  2. A maximum of three works per entrant may be submitted.     
  3. Entries will be accepted in the Ritz Gallery April 12th–15th, 2021. Deadline for entries is Thursday, April 15th, 2021, 5pm. This includes delivery of the work in an exhibition-ready condition. See #5 and #6 below. Entries will not be accepted before April 12th.     
  4. If you are a graduating senior or not planning to return to SDSU as a student in the Fall Semester of 2021, you need to make arrangements to have any accepted work picked up after the closing date of the exhibition. Works that are not picked up after the close of the exhibition may not be saved by the School.     
  5. All two-dimensional work must be exhibition ready. Works on paper larger than 18” x 24” may be hung with small clips or magnets. You must include clear and detailed instructions on how to hang your work.   Exhibition-ready: Weigh less than 50 pounds, well matted, framed, and ready to hang, or it will be automatically rejected; this means NO glued-mounts, sticky-backed mounts, tape-mounts, saw tooth hangers are acceptable; plastic Walmart frames will not be accepted. Work that is not presented in an appropriate manner will not be considered for jurying or students may be asked to reframe work to fit with gallery standards. All frames should be assembled with plexiglass—NO glass. Work must fit the south door of the gallery and not exceed 12 feet in length. For a three-dimensional work that exceeds 100 pounds, its weight must be identified, and the work must be easily moved. Please consult your faculty mentors.      
  6. All works must be made of materials that are not hazardous to gallery visitors or that can harm the healthy environment of the gallery (i.e., no works that contain organic substances, such as food or soil, are acceptable).     
  7. Submit entries to the School of Design in Grove Hall from April 12–15, 2021. Entry forms will be in the Ritz Gallery during this time and must be filled out for each work when submitted. Please be sure to attach the correct part of these entry forms to each piece entered.    
  8. Entries not selected for exhibition must be picked up on April 19–20, 2021 in  the Ritz Gallery.     
  9. All exhibited work from the show must be picked up August 30–31, 2021.  The School will not be responsible for art works after that time. 


  • Graphic Design 
  • Digital Drawings & Illustrations 
  • Animation or Moving Images 
  • Online Content (websites, video hosted elsewhere) 
  • Mixed Media 
  • Photography (both fine art, fashion design, and journalism) 
  • Drawing (fine art, interior, fashion, or landscape design) 
  • Ceramics 
  • Printmaking 
  • Film Video (CD, DVD, thumb drive) 
  • Sculpture 
  • Weaving/Textiles 
  • Painting (cannot exceed 15 feet in length and 10 feet in height)