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Long Range Planning

Architecture Long-Range Plan

The Architecture Long Range Plan hews close to both SDSU Imagine 2023 and the School of Design Strategic Planning Crosswalk. We have outlined five goals to achieve and sustain by 2019, and are updating the plan to coordinate the newly adopted university strategy:

  • GOAL 1: Pursue academic excellence through innovative program development, student, engagement and a dynamic teaching and learning environment.
  • GOAL 2: Engage in discovery, encourage innovation and produce architectural works that enhance the quality of life for South Dakota and the Upper Great Plains Region, while adding to the practical dialog about architecture in our nation and the world.
  • GOAL 3: Broaden the impact of the program through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • GOAL 4: Secure human and fiscal resources to provide an infrastructure that ensures high academic and scholarly achievement.
  • GOAL 5: Model a culture of inclusion that values diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our long-range plan also guides a series of ongoing critical dialogs between faculty, students and the regional profession on relevant concerns, including:

  • Identify targets for retention
  • Emphasize and reinforce innovative programs
  • Work with SDSU Construction and Operations Management and Interior Design to initiate the development of a post-professional graduate-level program 
  • Develop means to increase Architecture scholarly output
  • Broaden reciprocal agreements with regional two-year programs
  • Engage in commercially funded explorations of building arts and trades
  • Bring together the state’s underserved communities for community-based design studies and scholarship
  • Build the endowments, scholarships and graduate assistantships
  • Study the financial needs of the program weighed against the existing funding model and course fees
  • Strategize ways to further diversify both our faculty and student population

A planning process for continuous improvement of the program that identifies multiyear objectives within the context of the institutional and program mission and culture has been outlined in the attached document.

SDSU Imagine 2023

Strategic Planning Crosswalk