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South Dakota State University

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Student Financial Information

Information on SDSU tuition can be found at addition to University Tuition and Fees, DoArch requires an Architecture course fee.  Further information on the course fee can be found at


Each academic year, the Department of Architecture awards teaching, research, and administrative positions to our M.Arch students.  Students are contacted and invited to apply for positions in the spring each year for the following academic year.

Student Loans

A student loan is an obligation that must be repaid after you complete your degree or cease to be enrolled full-time.

The FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines your eligibility for federal/state loan resources.  This form is completed online FAFSA after January 1 of each year.  Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to fill out this form.  The previous year’s federal tax forms should have been completed before you complete the FAFSA form.  It is in your best interest to complete the FAFSA form as soon after January 1 as possible - and certainly before March 1.


AIA SD Merit Award

The Merit Award is a $500 scholarship given to one student based on an application and portfolio review. Student submissions will be evaluated based on design ability, creativity, and professional promise. 

2016 Call for Submissions not yet available; Click here for previous (2015) Call for Submissions

Deadline: TBA

Previous Merit Award Winners

 2015 TBA  
 2014 Shawn Barron 
 2013 Bobbie Sedlmajer 


AIA SD Enrichment Award

The goal of the South Dakota AIA Enrichment Award Scholarship is to give students an opportunity to broaden their perspective and deepen their passion for the architectural profession. This unique award allows students the flexibility to craft an individual proposal for an enrichment experience supporting their education and professional goals. These may include (but not limited to) travel and study abroad, architectural competitions, non-profit work, local or community design interventions, etc. Proposal possibilities are limited only by student creativity.

2016 Call for Submissions not yet available; Click here for previous (2015) Call for Submissions

Deadline: TBA

Previous Enrichment Award Winners

 2015 Emily Heezen  
 2013 Bobbie Sedlmajer 

TSP/DoArch Scholarship

The TSP/DoArch Scholarship Awards are given every fall to students exhibiting excellence in design and professional promise.

2016 Call for Submissions not yet available

Deadline: TBA

Previous Scholarship Winners

 2014Ansley Prodoehl Shawn Barron
 Matthew Sjurseth 
 2013Bobbi Sedlmajer Godwin Annin
 Courtney Woolheater Machenzie Lane
 Emily Heezen Sienna Mathiesen
 2012Bobbi Sedlmajer Kyle McCurry
 Daniel Wevik Sienna Mathiesen
 Garrett Walter Spencer Sommers
 2011Bobbi Sedlmajer Jacob Urban
 Daniel Wevik Jared Schrempp
 DJ Bilka Josh Wagner
 Dustin Jones Sienna Mathiesen