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Student Advisory Board


Started in 2011, the Student Advisory Board (SAB) is an elected body of students who regularly meet over the course of the academic year to offer advice to the Department of Architecture (DoArch) executive on matters effecting student matriculation and educational experience in both the pre-professional and professional degree programs. In addition to counsel offered by the SAB body in these regular meetings, the SAB is asked by the Head to elect members to serve in an ex-officio role on various DoArch committees and to send a member to DoArch faculty meetings.


The SAB is a departmental organization, not a student organization. It does not organize student activities or events. It is a conduit between the faculty and the student body for information, ideas and policy. The SAB is Students (voting members) elected from across the DoArch student body along with the Department Head (ex-officio) and a tenured or tenure-track Faculty Member (ex-officio). The number of members will be set by the outgoing SAB. Members of the SAB should be students who wish to contribute their insight and consideration to the management and development of DoArch.


The first order of business each year is the secret ballot election of the SAB Coordinator from amongst the newly elected members of the SAB. The SAB Coordinator will run meetings, collect and distribute meeting minutes and hold the SAB to its meeting agenda. SAB meetings will be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order with the SAB Coordinator serving as meeting chair. Meetings have quorum when a simple majority of students are present plus either the department head or the faculty member.

Each year one of the first orders of business is a review and affirmation of the department’s Studio Culture Policy and a review of DoArch facilities and technology engagement. New business agenda items are added when three SAB members petition the SAB Coordinator to add an item to the agenda.


The SAB will meet once in January, February, March and April and then again in August, September, October and November with an annual wrap-up during May exam week. The SAB meets at a time in the weekly schedule when there are no departmental classes being offered.


The term of an SAB member will be one year from January to January. Elections are held at the beginning of the Spring semester. Nominations will be made by faculty. Faculty will be invited to contact students they find fitting for the role, request interest, and then, with positive interest, submit their nominations to the Head via email. Students are elected by paper ballot on a popular vote of their peers per year level.