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Degrees & Curriculum

DoArch offers Two Degrees, a B.F.A.Arch. and an M.Arch.:

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture (B.F.A. Arch) is a pre-professional, 120-credit-hour degree, of which the last 48 credit hours of study are at the professional level. The four-year course sequence is shown in the Undergraduate Academic Advising Guide Sheets.

Students who complete 18 credit hours in Construction Management are eligible to earn a Minor in Construction.

The Master of Architecture (M.Arch) is the professional degree and represents the last 48 credit hours (four semesters) of professional level study. 

Students who enter the M.Arch degree program are accepted as internal or external candidates. Internal candidates are students who completed their undergraduate degree at SDSU DoArch. External candidates are students who completed their undergraduate degree at SDSU, but in another major, or students who completed their undergraduate degree at another university. Students may receive advanced standing if they have completed an undergraduate degree in architecture. External Candidates without advanced standing enter into the M.Arch program which totals 96 credits (seven semesters). Advanced standing may be granted for selected coursework.

Professional level coursework consists of 96 credit hours of study across seven semesters. It includes one three-credit-hour open graduate elective course from outside the major. Every student in the program completes these courses or shows verifiable competency through prior coursework in individual subjects earned through challenge by portfolio.  

M.Arch (internal): 120-credit-hour Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture (B.F.A.Arch) plus the 48-credit-hour Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree, totals 168-credit-hours, all at SDSU.

M.Arch (external): Any baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 120 credit hours, plus 48-credit-hours of professional level undergraduate preparatory work in our program, plus 48-credit-hours Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree, totals 216-credit-hours, 96 at SDSU.

Transfer Students


At SDSU, initial evaluation of undergraduate transfer credits is managed through the admissions office. Likewise, a student in good standing within the university can change majors and transfer into the architecture program.

See the SDSU Transfer Student Admission and Transfer Pre-Evaluation Form

Every student who transfers into the B.F.A. Arch. degree program is evaluated by the Department Head and professional advisor using the Transfer Pre-Evaluation form. Individual courses are evaluated by the teaching discipline on a course-by-course basis unless there is a transfer or articulation agreement already established between institutions. Students may challenge for transfer credit by portfolio or petition for equivalency for architecture coursework. In this process, students submit a record that should include course syllabi, work samples, lecture documentation and note-taking, and completed assignments. For professional level undergraduate course transfers, both the course objectives AND requisite NAAB student performance requirements have to be evident.

Candidates admitted to the M.Arch degree program are reviewed in part through the DoArch Transfer Evaluation Advising Form to verify that professional program pre-requisites have been met. Evaluation is made by the Department Head and academic advisor. Equivalency in non-architecture courses are evaluated by the department administering the course. Students may challenge for transfer credit by portfolio or petition for equivalency for architecture coursework. For professional level courses, both the academic objectives and requisite NAAB student performance requirements have to be evident in the record supplied by the student for approval of equivalency. 

No advanced standing in graduate level professional ARCH courses is permitted. All 45 credit hours of required ARCH-prefix graduate courses must be completed at SDSU. The required graduate elective (3 credits), upon approval by the teaching discipline and the graduate school, may be transferred from another institution.