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South Dakota State University

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BFA Advising Sheets are available at

4+2 (4-year B.F.A.Arch.Stud. + 2-year M.Arch.) is comprised of a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture and two-year professional Master of Architecture degree. This is the typical path for high school graduates and university transfers wanting a design based liberal arts education leading to a professional education in architecture. The core professional years of study are the last 3.5 years of this 6-year program. Professional studies begin in the spring of the third year. Students graduating with a B.Sc.Arch.Stud. from SDSU will apply for admission into the graduate M.Arch. degree.

3+ (3.5 year M.Arch.) People who already have a B.A., B.Sc., or B.F.A. degree of any specialization from an accredited university can apply for admission (based primarily on undergraduate academic achievement and a portfolio that demonstrates an educated ability to make things) into the first semester of the 3.5 years of professional studies and matriculate through these years to a Master of Architecture degree. Students provisionally admitted with insufficient graphic capacity may be required to take fundamental drawing and / or design courses the Fall semester before beginning professional study.