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Architecture (M.Arch)


Make a lasting impact on the world.

Architecture is a mediated practice that combines story-telling and “know how”. We analyze situations. We imagine built environments. We specify and construct our imaginations of our client’s desires.

Architecture is part design, part engineering, part sociology, part management and 100% about technology. We are the “conductors” of the orchestra shaping the built environment. An architect is responsible to our client’s needs in the future, the history of our discipline and the public good for the present.

Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture is the professional, accredited degree required for licensure.

DoArch offers two paths toward the completion of an M.Arch.:

The 4+2 program is comprised of a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture and two-year Master of Architecture degree. This is the typical path for high school graduates and university transfers wanting a design-based, liberal arts education leading to a professional education in architecture. The core professional years of study are the last 3.5 years of this 6-year program. Professional studies begin in the spring of the third year. Students graduating with a B.F.A. Arch from SDSU will apply for admission into the graduate M.Arch degree.

Those that already hold a B.A., B.S. or B.F.A. degree of any specialization from an accredited university can apply for admission (based primarily on undergraduate academic achievement and a portfolio that demonstrates an educated ability to make things) to the 3.5 year program, matriculating through to a Master of Architecture degree. Students may be provisionally admitted and required to take fundamental drawing and/or design courses before beginning professional study.