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Dual Credit Information for SPCM 101

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technology requirements?

You will need a program that will record your speeches; most computers come with a built-in program that allow you to use the installed webcam to record. I recommend you use this program.  The files produced by this program can vary in type.  However only two file types can be submitted in SPCM 101: mp4 or m4v. 

Many of you are using school laptops to complete this course and should verify your accessibility to necessary programs as soon as possible. This means for many of you that you need to meet with your school’s technology director.  Even if you are not using a school laptop, you should read through all of the information below to be sure you are prepared for the course.

What if my recording program does not create an mp4 or m4v file?

The files of your recorded speeches must be either an mp4 or m4v file.  Each assignment has a maximum size allowance as well.  If you are using a school laptop, you may need to meet with your school’s technology director to install necessary programs that allow you to convert and compress files if your recording software does not already produce an mp4 or m4v file. 

Which programs does SDSU’s Instructional Design Services recommend?

The preferred program is Handbrake: An additional option is Convert: One more option is VideoLAN: 

Who is my audience?  

In this course, you will assemble a minimum of 3 adults or peers (16 or older) for the speeches. For many reasons it is helpful to have an adult (teacher) in the audience, but it is not required.

Where should I record my speeches? 

We recommend a vacant classroom in your school. It may be helpful for you to use a lectern or podium.