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MMC Student Registration and Course Access

Below are websites you will use often as a graduate student. We encourage you to set up your accounts and become familiar with these websites prior to the start of your classes. Steps to activate these accounts are provided below along with some instructional videos to assist you.

Self Service

Self Service is the online system where you may register for classes, pay your bill, and view course information, transcripts and academic history.

You can also use the onboarding site for online students at this link:
To access information on Self Service, go to the Self Service website and follow the instructions:

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Desire2Learn (D2L) is the online portal for not only online classes, but is also used by most instructors on campus to post announcements, classroom materials, and grades throughout the semester. You can log into your D2L account using your Web Advisor ID at
If you need additional help, please contact the Technology Support Desk at 605-688-6776 or email

JACKS e-mail

JACKS e-mail accounts are given to all SDSU students. This account cannot be activated until you have registered for at least one course (once you register for a course, it may take a few days for your Jacks e-mail to become active). Your Jacks e-mail is the primary e-mail used for all university correspondence. If you have another e-mail you prefer to use, please be sure you keep your JACKS e-mail active and check it periodically.  It is also recommended to set your Jacks e-mail to forward to your preferred e-mail address to make sure you receive all necessary correspondence.
To set up your JACKS account, follow these steps:
Go to
In the top right-hand corner, click on the link “Active Jacks Email”
Follow the steps listed to activate your account

Immunization Requirements (For On-Campus courses only!)

The South Dakota Board of Regents and the State Health Department require certain immunizations to attend classes on campus. The Student Health Clinic requires all students to fill out the Mandatory Immunization Record.
Go to
For Distance Education only students, you are not required to submit immunizations. For returning SDSU students, your immunizations should already be on file.