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Recent and Current Projects

Our research team has several projects related to our several polls of the South Dakota electorate and separate polls conducted on the SDSU campus.

Dr. Brittney Meyer, Dr. Filip Viskupic & Dr. David Wiltse have published "Pharmacists to Partner with Religious Leaders to Overcome Vaccination Hesitancy" 2021. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. Forthcoming. 

Dr. Filip Viskupic, Dr. David Wiltse & Dr. Abdallah Badahdah fielded a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on South Dakota families in August 2021.

Dr. Alper Kayaalp, Dr. David Wiltse & Dr. Filip Viskupic fielded a survey examining the impact of COVID-19 on work-life balance in South Dakota.

Dr. Filip Viskupic, Dr. David Wiltse & Dr. Brittney Meyer fielded a large survey experiment entitled "The Messenger Matters" which seeks to determine who the electorate is most receptive to when hearing public health messages concerning COVID-19 vaccination and post-vaccination mitigation measures.

Dr. David Wiltse & Dr. Filip Viskupic led the inaugural South Dakota Voter Survey. This is a comprehensive political survey of the South Dakota Electorate. We have included a battery of questions on the public's attitudes on COVID-19 and policies relating to the pandemic; not just for our own academic research, but to provide vital information to policy makers throughout the state. We are also developing a quantitative measure of rural-urban resentment, a whole host of attitudes that is coming to be seen as an important driver of partisan self-identification.

Dr. Evren Celik Wiltse and coauthors Michael Gonda, Camille Massmann, Kas Williams and Rebecca Bott-Knutson recently published a study of the impact of COVID-19 on students during the tumultuous Spring 2020 semester utilizing Dr. Celik Wiltse’s poll of SDSU students.