The SDSU Poll is a research unit of the political science program housed in The School of American and Global Studies at South Dakota State University. The SDSU Poll is rooted in the University’s tripartite mission of Research, Teaching, and Service. In the spirit of our land-grant mission, we utilize our expertise in political science to develop accurate and cost-efficient analysis of the South Dakota electorate that is of benefit to scholars and the broader community. Additionally, the SDSU Poll gives our students the opportunity to work side by side with faculty and develop the highly demanded skills of data collection, programming, and statistical analysis.

Our Methodology

The SDSU Poll utilizes a new and innovative technique of sampling the electorate that matches the most sophisticated methods of conducting a survey to the most reliable means of citizen contact. This method can be employed at any level in the state: statewide, county, city, legislative district, or any other geographical unit that a researcher wishes to cover. Our surveys can be fine-tuned depending upon the needs of the current research project. Respondents complete online surveys, which allows for the development of sophisticated questionnaires. Simply put, The SDSU Poll intends to conduct the most sophisticated and accurate polling of the South Dakota electorate today.

Please contact Dr. David Wiltse if you have any questions about the poll answered, or if you wish to inquire about commissioning poll work on the South Dakota electorate.

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