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The term philosophy literally translates to "the love of wisdom." It is a base area of study for those looking to acquire critical thinking skills and the ability to build logical arguments. It is a great complementary study to those in many different majors because it teaches one how to think about difficult (and for that matter easy!) problems.

Why should you add a philosophy minor? Why wouldn't you want to add marketable skills that supplement your chosen major? When you add a philosophy minor at South Dakota State you are bolstering your major field of study with a set of skills that will be useful in whatever career you enter. In addition, philosophy will challenge your personal presuppositions, strengthening your belief system while also challenging you to new conclusions. Philosophy truly is unique in that it is a life-changing field of study and as Pierre Hadot stated, "a way of life." Philosophy includes studies in logic, ethics and the search for truth. Come join us on this journey of knowledge.

Want to find out more? Click on the link below to see our program requirements. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Program Requirements

Ethics Lab

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Find out more about exciting student-professor funded research opportunities by visiting our SDSU Ethics Lab website.