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Legal Studies Minor

Why a Legal Studies Minor? 

The primary purpose of this minor is to ensure students have the basic skills necessary to succeed on the LSAT and at Law School.  Because law is practiced in a variety of fields, all majors are welcome and the diverse perspectives they bring. 

Why Intern?  Where Should I Intern?

Internships are critical to a quick launch after graduation. Law schools like to see applicants who have engaged with the outside world.  Moreover, internships are amazing networking opportunities. Those in law know others in the field.  It could be that recommendation that lands you the law school of your choice, or even a job. Finally, perhaps most importantly, internships allow you the opportunity to see whether law is for you before making a significant investment in time and money. However, undergraduate experiences within law firms are often limited because of access to sensitive client information. Instead, consider a legislative internship in Pierre, SD from mid-January to mid-March as an alternative. The legislature is filled with law school graduates who can provide much of the same guidance and networking opportunities as a law firm. Moreover, it pays nearly $5,000 for two months of work! Talk with Will Prigge to see how you can plan your spring semester while staying on track for graduation.

More information on the Pre-Law Society.

Program Requirements