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Presentations & Programs

The SDSU Police Department has an officer dedicated to providing programs on multiple topics. The most common topics are listed. To request a program call Sergeant Jonathan Anderson at 605-688-5117 or by e-mail at

Topics include the following:

  • Rape and Sexual Assault Risk Reduction
  • Domestic Violence Education
  • Workplace Violence Education
  • Personal Safety
  • Self-defense for women
  • Victim Assistance
  • Sexual Assault
  • Dating/domestic Violence
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Travel Safety
  • Property Protection (this includes information on fraud, personal property and university property)
  • If you are looking for a topic not listed above, please contact us. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of individual groups.

Programs offered:

"13 ways NOT to get arrested"

"13 ways NOT to get arrested" is usually at the request of residential hall staff and is done in conjunction with “Fizz with the Fuzz” (root beer floats usually). However, anyone can request a presentation. This is a presentation put on by the SDSU Police Department and often will have invited guests from Highway Patrol, Brookings Sheriff’s Office or Brookings Police Department.

This is not your standard PSA on drinking and drugs… Students get to hear stories from various officers from each officer’s experiences and the most common things we come in contact with in Brookings and at SDSU. It is done in humor, however the focus is on drug and alcohol, impaired driving, and to combat alcohol related problems. After the short presentation, officers respond to any question students have about our job.

Guest lecture presentations for class

Have a class where the topic of Law Enforcement comes up? Or maybe there is a topic where the question has been asked "how does law enforcement respond to this?" Invite us to speak to your class. SDSU Police officers are often invited to guest lecture in SDSU classes. We have been asked to speak on all the topics listed and so many more. Here are some examples of classes we guest lecture at SDSU:

  • Wellness 100 – Presented with the Brookings Police Department on Drugs, Alcohol and much more
  • Women’s studies courses – On violence against women, self-defense, victim services, etc.
  • Criminal Justice courses - such as Social Problems and Policing in a Free Society
  • Psychology courses
  • Physical Education courses – on teaching self-defense programs