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SDSU: Health and Safety Notification: Update

March 4, 2020

Students, faculty, and staff – 

As we gear up for spring break beginning Monday there are some important messages we want to share as it pertains to the coronavirus and how best to protect yourself, especially if you are traveling to certain parts of the United States or overseas.

There are currently no confirmed cases of the virus in South Dakota, but it is slowly spreading to various parts of the United States and continuing to spread at more rapid rates in other countries. The World Health Organization has developed a webpage to monitor confirmed cases around the world. Similarly, the CDC has developed a page pertaining to travel information.

SDSU is following travel advisories issued by the State Department. Currently, university-sponsored trips to countries that have been issued any Level 4 travel advisory and those at a Level 3 travel advisory for coronavirus outbreak have been cancelled.

If you are planning to travel, especially internationally, be sure to check advisories and alerts and plan for disruptions and possible changes to your itinerary. This includes countries that may require a 14-day quarantine when flying through certain airports. Make sure to let others know your travel plans and schedule.

Any student, faculty, or staff member who travel to a country classified as a Level 4 or Level 3 for coronavirus outbreak is recommended to adhere to the voluntary 14-day self-quarantine per the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Any faculty or staff in that situation need to contact their direct supervisor or department head and students need to contact the Student Health Center upon returning to the United States.

While there are currently no travel restrictions in the U.S. for coronavirus, please monitor those areas of the country experiencing the greatest number of outbreaks as certain restrictions and/or quarantines could be put into place.

Thank for your attention to this matter. As information continues to develop, the university’s coronavirus website will continue to be updated and communication will be sent via email if needed. It is also recommended to frequently check the South Dakota Department of Health site for additional information or updates.

Please have a wonderful and safe spring break.

Michael Adelaine

Vice President for Technology & Security