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Evacuation Procedures

Building Evacuation

If a fire alarm sounds or if asked to evacuate, leave the building immediately.

The purpose of evacuating a building is to remove the occupants from dangerous and potentially life-threatening conditions presented by:

  • A fire
  • A suspected explosive device
  • A hazardous material release
  • Air contamination
  • Active shooter
  • Other life-threatening situation

When evacuating a building:

  • Remain calm
  • Proceed to the nearest safe exit
  • Do not use the elevators

Assist disabled persons: if the person cannot be moved to the exit, ask the person to remain at that location, leave the building, and advise a firefighter or police officer of the person’s location.

Once outside, stay at least 500 feet from the building unless otherwise directed by a public safety official. Do not return until directed by a public safety official.

Campus Evacuation

An emergency requiring the evacuation of the SDSU Campus is likely to be part of a larger evacuation. It is important to follow evacuation instructions.

Evacuating in a vehicle the primary egress routes for those leaving the campus in a vehicle are:

  • Medary Ave, North to the Hwy 14 bypass or South to the City of Brookings
  • 11th Street East to 22nd Ave and then North to the Hwy 14 bypass or South to the City of Brookings
  • 8th Street West to Medary or East to 20th Ave. then South to 6th Street