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Classroom Disruption

Class order and discipline is the responsibility of the instructor. Classroom disruption is the excessive and unreasonable interference with classroom instruction. If a disruptive student is encountered, the instructor should:

  • Remain calm
  • Don't ignore the behavior
  • Tell the person to stop
  • If the behavior persists:
    • Instruct the person to leave the classroom
    • Inform the University leadership of the incident
    • Meet with the student outside the class setting to set behavioral limits and assign consequences to future similar behavior

If the person refuses to leave or if behavior becomes threatening:

  • Dismiss the class, leave, and report the incident to the University Leadership - it is important to document the incident
  • Consider referring the student to Student Judicial Affairs.
  • Strongly consider discussing the student’s behavior with the University Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

In the event of a serious illness or injury immediately call the University Police Department at 688-5117 or 111 (from an on campus phone), or if residing off campus, call 911.