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Campus Closure - Student Communications

Jan. 28, 2019


South Dakota State University will close its Brookings campus due to the forecasted weather conditions that include extreme cold temperatures and a severe wind chill warning. The main campus in Brookings will be closed, and classes will be canceled from 3 p.m. Tuesday until noon Thursday.

Residence halls will remain open and dining operations will provide service during the closure from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for students living on campus.

Updates and/or changes to the closure will be made through the emergency communications system and other communication channels. Information will be available on the university’s safety and security webpage.

Wind chill is expected to reach below minus 45 by Tuesday night, dropping even lower to minus 60 throughout Wednesday. The National Weather Service considers these temperatures to potentially be life-threatening if exposed to the elements for even a brief period of time. Frostbite can occur to exposed skin in as little as five minutes.

PLEASE note the following:

  • All classes on the Brookings campus are canceled from 3 p.m. Tuesday until noon Thursday. Online classes will continue as scheduled.
  • Students living on campus will have access to food services in Hansen Hall, Larson Commons and the University Student Union. Please use extreme caution and dress appropriately if you are walking to any of these facilities from the on campus residence halls. It is encouraged to dress in layers and cover exposed skin.
  • The Miller Wellness Center and Briggs Library will be closed during this time, as will all academic buildings.
  • If you decide to leave campus during the closure, please exercise caution when traveling. Make sure to have a winter survival kit, blankets and other items to protect you against the cold in the event you are stranded.
  • At this time, the University Center in Sioux Falls is still open and will remain open unless those sites close due to inclement weather. If you have a class or any other academic requirement in Sioux Falls, please contact your instructor or supervisor for options.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Students living on campus may direct questions to their residence hall directors or community assistants.