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Building by Abbreviation
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SAA Animal Science Arena
SAD Morrill Hall
SAE Agricultural Engineering
SAG Berg Agricultural Hall
SAGM Agricultural Heritage Museum
SAH Abbott Hall
SAIS American Indian Student Center
SAME Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall
SAR Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory
SAS Animal Science Complex
SAV Avera Health & Science Center
SAW Animal Resource Wing
SBA The Barn
SBH Veterans Affairs Resource Center
SBH Brown Hall
SBL Hilton M. Briggs Library
SBN Binnewies Hall
SCAM Coughlin Campanile
SCEH Crothers Engineering Hall
SCH Caldwell Hall
SCM Communications Center
SCMB Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility
SCMH Southeast Research Farm
SCP Central Heating Plant
SCSD Design Studio
SDDS Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium
SDEH Daktronics Engineering Hall
SDM Dairy Bar
SDP DePuy Military Hall
SDRF Dakota Lakes Research Farm
SDS Alfred Dairy Science Hall
SDSC Dykhouse Student-Athlete Center
SDSP Davis Dairy Plant
SDUM Dairy Research & Training Facility
SEHH East Headhouse
SEL Southeast University Neighborhood
SEL Starbucks
SEM Testing Center
SEQC Nathelle and Lawrence DeHaan Equestrian Center
SESC Enrollment Services Center
SFCS Facilities and Services Customer Service Center
SFND Jerome J. Lohr Building (SDSU Foundation)
SFND Alumni Center
SFS Facilities & Services
SFSS Foundation Seed Conditioning
SGH Grove Hall
SHF Horticulture & Forestry
SHG Horticulture Greenhouse
SHH Harding Hall
SHN Hansen Hall
SHON Honors Hall
SHU Horse Unit
SHYD Hyde Hall
SLC Larson Commons
SLFEC Local Foods Education Center
SLM Lincoln Hall
SMH Mathews Hall
SMN Meadows North Apartments
SMP Transportation Services
SMS Meadows South Apartments
SMU South Dakota Art Museum
SMVC McCrory Gardens Education & Visitor Center
SNHH North Headhouse
SNP Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Lab
SNSO Northeast Research Farm
SOHO Old Horticulture
SPAC Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center
SPC Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education
SPC Pugsley Center
SPE Stanley J. Marshall Center
SPE Frost Arena
SPL Physiology Laboratory
SPR Pierson Hall
SPSB Plant Science Building
SPSR Plant Science Research Support Center
SREF Ben Reifel Hall
SRLS Residential Life Facilities Building
SRO Bailey Rotunda
SRPA Raven Precision Agriculture Center
SSCH Schultz Hall
SSH Spencer Hall
SSJC Sanford-Jackrabbit Athletic Complex
SSLB Sheep Research and Teaching Unit
SSO Solberg Hall
SSTL Young Brothers Seed Technology Laboratory
SSTR Swine Education and Research Facility
SSU University Student Union
SSWC Miller Wellness Center
SSY Coolidge Sylvan Theatre
STH Thorne Hall
SUPD University Police Department
SWBC Woodbine Cottage
SWC Wecota Hall
SWE Wenona Hall
SWG Wagner Hall
SWH West Hall
SWN Waneta Hall
SWSC Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center
SWX Wecota Annex
SYE Yeager Hall
SYH Young Hall