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Each residence hall has post office boxes provided for residents’ use. Your room key will open your mailbox. U. S. mail is delivered to the residence halls once daily by University personnel Monday through Saturday. Mail is not delivered during breaks, three-day weekends, or on national holidays. Packages are also brought to your residence hall mail room.

Mail is distributed by the Hall Mail Staff as quickly as their work and class schedules allow. The goal is to have all mail and package slips in residents’ boxes by 3:00 p.m. on days mail is delivered.

To facilitate quick mail service, please have your mail addressed completely. Notify your family and friends of your correct address, as soon as possible. Please note the example and chart below for your hall, box number, and zip+four numbers. The standard zip code for all of campus is 57007. This is an example of how mail should be addressed (see the chart below)

Jack Rabbit

167 Caldwell Hall

Box 2810


Brookings, SD 57007-3511

You only need to use your name and numbers from the chart below.

HallBox NumberZip + Four
Abbot Hall Box 2702 57007
Ben Reifel Hall Box 2703 57007
Binnewies Hall Box 2805 57007-1299
Brown Hall Box 2801 57007-1996
Caldwell Hall Box 2810 57007-3511
Hansen Hall Box 670 57007-1899
Honors Hall Box 2705 57007
Hyde Hall Box 2704 57007
Mathews Hall Box 2803 57007-2499
Pierson Hall Box 2804 57007-1999
Schultz Hall Box 2703 57007
Spencer Hall Box 2700 57007
Thorne Hall Box 2701 57007
Waneta Hall Box 509 57007-3199
Young Hall Box 2807 57007-3499
Department Main Office Box 2810A 57007-0898

Residents should fill out a mail forwarding card at the hall desk when they make a room change or move out of the residence halls.

Residence hall post offices are intended for distribution of information as follows:

  1. U.S. Postal Service Mail

    Off-campus organizations, vendors, and/or businesses who wish to do mass mailings to campus residents may purchase mailing lists from Residential Life. For current fees, contact the Residential Life office. Mass mailings from off-campus organizations, vendors, and/or businesses must be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

  2. Campus Mail

    Campus mail is a service provided for University offices and approved student organizations.

  3. Hall Information

    Notes may be put into the residence hall mailboxes by Hall Mail Staff which:
    1. are authorized by the residence hall staff or their designee
    2. are an emergency message left at the hall desk.
  4. Departmental Information

    Mail which comes directly from the Department of Residential Life under the authorization of the Director may be put into the hall mailboxes.