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Employment Opportunities

Campus Apartments Manager:

Position Description:The Campus Apartments Manager (CAM) position is an important component of the SDSU Housing & Residential Life (HRL) mission.  The CAM plays a significant role in helping students adjust to living in the apartments and being successful at SDSU.  The CAM upholds and enforces departmental and campus policies. The successful manager works without support staff and reports to the Assistant Director for Occupancy, Assessment and Analytics. Good communication skills are necessary for a person to be successful in the position.

The CAM is provided with a furnished apartment to assist in meeting the expectations and key responsibilities of the position.  The primary roles are described below; however, the CAM should expect and accept that other duties may be assigned.

Position Type: Graduate Assistantship, 9 months (academic year), .49, live-in position

Required Qualifications:  An earned Bachelor’s degree, enrollment in graduate studies at South Dakota State University, 2.75 GPA, maintain a 3.0 plan of study GPA

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Previous employment as a Community Assistant, property manager, or equivalent experience.
  2. Has lived on campus/apartments on a college campus

Stipend:  $12,678 plus tuition remission*

General Position Responsibilities:

  1. Report maintenance needs for apartments, laundry rooms, or grounds via the work order system or emergency protocol.
  2. Carry the CAM department-provided cell phone at all times, unless on an approved break.
  3. Provide your supervisor with an updated class and commitment schedule each semester.
  4. Be available to meet with your supervisor and other managers as scheduled.
  5. Complete payroll as instructed.
  6. Conduct a monthly key inventory and provide to the Assistant Director for Housing Facilities.
  7. Participate in training prior to classes starting in the fall and spring semesters.
  8. Participate in on-going training as needed/requested.


  1. Perform check-in and checkout processes for tenants according to established procedures.
  2. Inform new tenants of the mail, work order, trash, and laundry systems.
  3. Review apartment amenities with tenants and conduct a condition inventory upon check-in and checkout. 
  4. Review basic policies with tenants and inform how to access the Apartments Handbook.
  5. Issue keys to each individual resident and ONLY to the contract holder.
  6. Upon completion of the checkout process, return the inventory form and damage billing to the central office.
  7. Obtain a forwarding address for tenants and indicate how to change their address with the USPS.

Communication with Residents

  1. Communicate information to tenants as needed.
  2. Create an email distribution list including all tenants.
  3. Be available to tenants who have issues or concerns with their apartment situation. 
  4. Conduct weekly rounds of the apartment community and assure that rounds are conducted by substituting other HRL staff when unavailable to conduct rounds personally. This includes spending time conversing with tenants while on rounds.


  1. Report to maintenance needs for the apartments or grounds.
  2. Attend to emergency and immediate custodial tasks (e.g., removing broken glass).
  3. Call and report emergency repairs between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. and on weekends to the maintenance staff on-call
  4. Do monthly facility walk-throughs, smoke detector, and water checks in empty units.   

Contract Implementation

  1. Be familiar with all aspects and policies of the contract and handbook. 
  2. Discuss and document policy violations with the resident as made aware.
  3. Call for assistance from the supervisor, other HRL staff members, or SDSU Police Department when a situation necessitates additional staffing.


  1. Maintain the privacy of tenant information.
  2. Follow up on meeting agenda as needed.
  3. Seek further clarification on policy questions and procedural matters as needed.
  4. Abide by University and HRL policies.
  5. Maintain a welcoming atmosphere in the Manager office, throughout the apartment buildings, and in interactions with residents.

Other Duties

  1. Other duties and tasks may be assigned as situations arise. 

Supervision Received:  The CAM Graduate Assistant reports to and is supervised by the Assistant Director for Occupancy, Assessment, and Analytics. Written reports may be expected to follow specific situations in the apartments.

Physical Effort:  Mildly disagreeable working conditions involve working in an environment with limited privacy and noise. Staff must frequently respond to situations outside of traditional business hours. The job requires the ability exert moderate physical effort and mobility when responding to emergencies.


*HRL will pay the minimum stipend required by the Board of Regents in order to support tuition remission. This is typically set by the end of April.