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COVID-19 Housing Updates

Wondering about the plan for returning in Fall 2020?

Check out the Jacks R Back website to stay informed! 

Move-In Schedule and Appointments

You will need to sign up for a move-in appointment through the link sent to your student email. If you need to move-in at a time different than the schedule below, please email our office at for an alternate scheduling opportunity.

In-person Move-In will take place on the following schedule:

  • August 10-13– Returning Students with Specific Arrival Reason (e.g., student leaders, on-campus work, distance, etc.)
  • August 14-16 – New Students
  • August 17-18 – Remaining Returning Students
Fall 2020 Mail Procedures

**Hours have not been set yet for mail package centers. 

We can begin accepting packages again August 3rd. 

On August 3, we will move directly to our four package centers :

  • Larson Mailroom: Will serve Binnewies, Young, Hyde & Brown Halls
  • Caldwell: Will serve Pierson, Honors, Schultz & Caldwell Halls
  • Spencer: Will serve: Spencer, Abbott, Thorne, Ben Reifel & Mathews Halls
  • Hansen: Will serve Hansen, Meadows North & South, & Waneta Hall
Families and Assistance

Residents are strongly encouraged to include only one, or two, individuals to assist with move-in during their appointed move-in time. Limiting the total number of individuals in a building who are touching shared surfaces and interacting with others is necessary to further reduce health risks to our campus community. There will not be community volunteers to assist you in moving your belongings, so be sure to pack light and only bring what you can easily transport.

We thank you for limiting the number of individuals in housing spaces and know that this means you may not be able to share the in-person experience of your arrival with as many family members, friends, and other persons of support that you might like.

Where to get your key and ID

Information about where to pick up your key and ID will be posted before move-in. Check back here for more information as you prepare for your arrival.

If you are a new or transfer student and do not yet have your MyJacks Card (Student ID) you can follow the steps below to have a card ready to pick up on your Drop-N-Go date.

Locate the email sent by Card Services with the subject line “Upload your MyJacks Card photo!” Once you find the email and review the information, click on the “upload picture” button. If you submit a photo, make sure it was approved. If your photo was NOT approved, you must submit another photo following the appropriate photo guidelines. If you are having issues submitting a photo, need your link reset, or are a returning student who lost their MyJacks Card, email Card Services with your student ID number at you wish to access your building without first picking up a physical MyJacks Card, consider using the MyJacks Card Mobile Credential. More information about this tool is available at

Driving Directions during Move-In and Meet State

To make your move go smoothly, we have driving directions and detailed traffic routes to each residence hall.  Learn more here:

Get your Parking Permit

If you are a resident who will have a car on-campus throughout the academic year, you will need to purchase a parking permit from Parking Services prior to move-in. For information on how to purchase your University Parking Permit, visit:

Quarantine and Isolation Housing

On-campus quarantine and isolation housing (QIH) will be available to students living both on and off campus if they meet one of three criteria:

  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and are presumptive positive until test results are received; or
  • Have receive a positive or inconclusive COVID-19 test from a medical professional; or
  • Have been notified by the South Dakota (or other state) Department of Health of potential exposure and need to self-isolate for 14 days.


Housing will be available in the Wecota Annex. Additional sites may be used if demand exceeds capacity available. In some apartment housing units, because of the configuration of the unit, it may be possible for the student to shelter in place. All accommodations are single occupancy only. Guests are not permitted in QIH. Students will be advised of QIH facilities and access procedures during their first floor meetings prior to the start of the semester.

To learn more about Quarantine/Isolation Housing, please look at the JacksRBack Plan found here:


Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for a Drop-N-Go appointment, do I need to sign up for a Move-In appointment too? 

Yes, you do need to sign up for a Move-In appointment as well. This is to allow you to have a scheduled time where you will pick-up your keys and be welcomed to our campus community.

Once I move in, do I have to stay on campus or am I still allowed to go home? 

Once students arrive on-campus and move-in, their travel will not be restricted. We encourage all students to practice behaviors that prevent the spread of COVID-19.


I did not get the (hall, roommate, room) I wanted. Can I change this?


  • We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your housing assignment. We are dedicated to your student experience and we are confident that you will be able to make connections and have a great experience in any of our buildings.
  • However, you do have the option to submit a reassignment request. To do so, log back into your housing application on MyState and fill out the information on the reassignment request page.
  • You can choose to be reassigned individually or with a confirmed roommate. We work on these requests all summer and as students’ plans change, spaces may open up and we make every effort to reassign as many students as we can.


Why didn't I get the hall or roommate that I wanted?


  • At the time we were assigning you, it is quite possible we did not have spaces left in your top choices. We work very hard to place students in their preferred halls, but some buildings fill faster than others. As we work to de-densify buildings for student health and safety, as we prepare for your return to campus during the COVID – 19 pandemic, many of our spaces are tight. We are dedicated to your student experience and we know that you’ll build great relationship and memories in this community. However, you do have the option to request a reassignment if you prefer (see answer above for instructions).
  • If you had a preferred roommate and only one of you applied and was accepted into an LLC, you would not have been placed together since the LLC takes priority over the roommate request. If you wish to be reassigned together, you can both submit a reassignment request (see above answer for instructions).


When will I hear if I am reassigned?

We continually work on reassignments throughout the summer. As spaces open, we go back to the list and make moves where we can. You will be notified by your jacks email once a reassignment is made.


How likely is it that I get reassigned? 

It is hard to say at this exact moment how likely you are to get reassigned. We make every effort to honor as many reassignment requests as possible throughout the summer as spaces open.


I cannot get a hold of my roommate, what do I do? 
  • Try reaching out via all the contact information that was provided in the e-mail with their housing assignment. If you do not hear back from them for over a week, contact us and we can try to reach out. Some students aren’t checking their Jacks e-mail regularly so there may be a delay.
  • Additionally, some students may take summer vacations and not have access to communication devices for extended periods of time.


My roommate told me they are not attending. What happens now?


  • Please encourage your roommate to let our office know. You are welcome to inform us as well so we can follow-up.
  • Regarding next steps, there is nothing that you need to do at this time. You will likely be assigned a new roommate. We use the profile you filled out in your housing application to find a roommate who best matches with your profile. While we try not to move students unless they requested reassignment, we may do so in order to allow us to provide single rooms to students who wish to have them. If we do consolidate students who do not have roommates, we will do so within the same building you are currently assigned to.  


I was placed in a single room but did not request one. Will I be charged a single rate? How do I change?

Yes, at this time you will be charged the single rate for that room. However, if you wish to request a double, you can submit a reassignment.  


What if I cannot be reassigned and I am still in a single that I didn't request? 

We will consolidate students who did not request a single and want to move to a double as best that we are able to with the spaces we have available.


I have medical needs that make me immunocompromised, how can I be assured that I'll be safe in the residence halls? 


  • We are making every effort to de-densify our buildings so that there are less students on every floor.
  • We do have single rooms saved for individuals who may be immunocompromised. To apply for a room that meets your accommodation needs, you can begin the process with Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks in the Office of Disability Services. Her information is:; 605-688-4504. She will guide you through the process and make a recommendation once you have gone through that process with her.


I've been assigned a roommate I don't get along with and want to request reassignment. But, I don't want them to find out. 

We encourage all students to connect and have an honest, but kind conversation with their roommate. You can say something like, “I just don’t feel like we are the best fit for roommates, so I’m going to request a reassignment.” However, we cannot make you have this conversation. We will not share your intent for a reassignment, and you can request one in the application.


I do not want to live in the halls because of COVID-19 concerns. What are my options? 


  • The Board of Regents has not changed their 2 year live on requirement. This means that students who graduated high school in 2019 or 2020 are required to live on campus unless they have been approved for an exemption to that live on requirement.
  • You can view the exemption categories on the website and in the housing application. A student can request an exemption in steps 3 and 4 of their housing application.
  • Once the request has been received, our office will reach out via the Jacks e-mail account if we need further information, or with the approval or denial of that request.
  • Additionally, if there are health concerns, we have reserved spaces for individuals who may be at higher risk or immunocompromised.
    • Theses spaces will have card access to and no visitors to ensure the health & safety of those individuals.
    • To apply for a space, you can begin the process with Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks in the Office of Disability Services. Her information is:; 605-688-4504. She will guide you through the process and make a recommendation once you have gone through that process with her.

As this situation has continuously emerging guidance from federal and state authorities, please continue to monitor this page and your email for new guidance, which may alter this schedule.

Questions regarding this can be directed to Residential Life.