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Binnewies Hall

Binnewies Hall

 About Binnewies Hall:


2019-2020 Binnewies Hall Staff
2019-2020 Binnewies Hall Staff





Room Features:

Each room is furnished with the following:

  • Two twin beds, 80" mattresses
    • Bed lofts provided
  • Two Desks
  • Two Chairs
  • Two Dressers
  • Trash Can
  • Window AC Unit

Hall Features:

  • Wireless Internet 
  • Jackrabbit C-Store
  • Erberts and Gerberts Sub Shop
  • 24 visitation
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Kitchen in basement
    • Cooking supplies
  • Laundry on every floor


The building is named in honor of Edward R. Binnewies. He came to South Dakota State University as a student in 1909 and was graduated with a degree in chemistry and education in 1913. He obtained a Master of Science degree here in 1915. While at the same time serving as a laboratory instructor he became an instructor in chemistry in 1916 and was named an associate professor in 1923.

In 1944, while continuing his teaching, he also became an acting Director of Student Affairs, and two years later was named Professor of Chemistry and Director of Student Affairs. In 1953, he was named professor emeritus and director emeritus and continued to serve the university until his death in 1964.

Binnewies is joined with Young Hall by the Larson Commons. When you include Caldwell you create what is referred to as the Larson area.