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A collage of 4 images showing students and faculty performing research using electronic equipment, machines, cattle, precision agriculture vehicles, and lab equipment

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Here, SDSU faculty and staff, plus collaborators and sponsors, will find information, resources, tools and contacts for help in creating and disseminating new knowledge and securing sponsored funding for their work.

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SDSU student investigates relationship between wildflowers, cattle

South Dakota State University student Kaitlyn Preszler conducted research on the relationship between cattle and wildflowers in South Dakota.

Save the peels: How bananas can be used to fight the plastic waste crisis

Srinivas Janaswamy, associate professor of food chemistry, has demonstrated how banana peels can be utilized to create biodegradable films — plastic-like material that will decompose in the environment and may one day replace petroleum-based plastic as the dominant food packaging material.

When the water rises

In a project led by lecturer of landscape architecture Jeremiah Bergstrom, South Dakota State University's School of Design has developed a first of its kind guide for creating flood-resilient landscapes. The guide, which was developed in partnership with faculty at Rutgers University, is aimed at helping community officials and leaders turn vacant, flood-prone properties into usable community assets.