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Student Prototype Contest

Interested teams can download the Student Prototype Contest Application Form here and return to William Aylor by 5:00 pm on March 17, 2017.

Opportunity: SDSU is hosting Student Prototype Contest. This Contest will give SDSU students an opportunity to show their technical, entrepreneurial, and innovative skills. Students are invited to submit their independently developed prototypes for consideration.

A. Teams:

  1. Open to all SDSU students (majority of team members must be enrolled full-time at South Dakota State University)
  2. A student may only be on one team.
  3. The team will own any intellectual property developed unless the Prototype qualifies as South Dakota Board of Regents property under South Dakota Board of Regents Policy 4:34 for intellectual property. The team is solely responsible for the filing of any intellectual property protection desired for their Prototype. 

B. Prototype Eligibility: 

A Prototype for the contest can be a preliminary model, 3D printing, or any other sample built to test a concept or process and can include software and app based inventions.  An abstract detailing the Prototype, the need it serves or problem it solves, the value it will bring, and the audience it is intended to serve must be included with each submission.

  1. Apps:
    • An app can be any functional web-based or native software application for mobile computing such as phones, tablets, or mobile devices.
    • The app must include only material that you own or have appropriately documented permission from the copyright/trademark owner to use. This includes source code (both open source and third party sourced), user interface, music, video, or images.
    • The App must be in good taste, not be obscene or derogatory to an individual or group and not violate any federal, state, or local laws.
    • The use of SDSU name, trademarks, logos, or any other SDSU-branded materials is subject to approval by University Marketing and Communications. 
    • Any use of SDSU campus, facilities, research, or any SDSU services in the app, is subject to approval by the Office of Technology Transfer & Commercialization and any appropriate SDSU official(s). 

C. Contest Period:

  1. Teams will have until 5:00 pm March 15th, 2018 to submit an application.
  2. Initial judging will take place the week of March 19th.
  3. Finals will be held on the week of March 26th (specific times/locations to be announced).

D. Prizes: $5,000 to be awarded to the finalists at the Judge’s discretion.

E. Judging:

The winner will be selected by qualified judges based on the following criteria: 

  1. Quality of the idea (including creativity and originality) (1/3);
  2. Implementation of the idea (including user experience, design, and performance) (1/3); and
  3. Overall effectiveness (1/3).