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Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization

About Technology Transfer and Commercialization

The South Dakota State University Office for Technology Transfer and Commercialization is primarily responsible for commercializing the innovations generated by SDState employees, either through licenses to industry partners or via the formation of spin-off enterprises based on SDState technologies.

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Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization News

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half-scale precast beam-column connections with buckling retrained bars in yellow

New connection makes building repair fast, cost-effective

A new method of connecting precast beams and columns will make it possible to quickly repair concrete buildings damaged by extreme events such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

SDSU researchers developing field device to detect PFAS

SDSU chemistry professor Brian Logue and Seacoast Science research scientist Randy Jackson are developing a portable device to detect the presence of detect the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

Royal Plastics makes parts for cyanide detector

A portable field device that detects cyanide exposure in seconds is one step closer to commercialization, thanks to a partnership between Royal Plastics and SDSU chemistry professor Brian Logue.