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Research Compliance

South Dakota State employees and students must strive to act with integrity in all they do. In the process of carrying out research activities, SDSU must comply with federal, state, and Board of Regents regulations and policies. Individual SDSU research investigators also must comply with all those regulations and polices and with the relevant SDSU policies and procedures governing research.

Research Integrity & Misconduct in Science

Conflicts of Interest in Research


Policies and Procedures

Research Involving Human Subjects

At SDSU the Human Subjects Committee is equivalent to the federally mandated Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Human Subjects Committee reviews research projects involving human subjects. More information can be found on the Human Subjects Web page.

Research Involving Animals

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (SDSU-IACUC) oversees SDSU's animal programs, facilities, and procedures and provides assurance to federal agencies that SDSU is in compliance with federal regulations on the humane care and use of animals in research. (The link points to InsideState, SDSU's faculty and staff portal.)

Environmental Health & Safety

This is a broad area of research compliance covering Biological Safety (e.g., blood borne pathogens, release of genetically modified organisms, recombinant DNA), Chemical Safety (chemical hygiene plan), Radiation Safety (NRC compliance), and Laboratory Safety (OSHA standards, EPA regulations).

Responsible Conduct of Research—NSF Policy

NIH Publication Requirement

The National Institute of Health now requires that all articles resulting from NIH funds must be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication. Please see the memo for more details.

Export Controls