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Refund Information

Updated March 26, 2020


Refunds will be provided to students. Information about each refund is provided below. All refunds will be posted to student’s accounts within 14 business days and refunds will be applied to outstanding balances first.

Tuition and Fee Refunds

No tuition or fees will be adjusted unless a student withdraws completely from the university on or before March 28, or the institution is unable to deliver a course online. If a course is unable to be delivered online, students will receive a full refund of all tuition and fees related to that specific course. If a student withdraws completely from the university on or before March 28, a partial refund will be granted. The last day for a student to withdraw from a class with a W has been moved from April 6 to April 14.

General Activity Fee

As the university moved online for the remainder of the semester, it is not charging the online tuition rate for coursework during that time. The online tuition rate includes a number of fees, including a general activity fee. The online tuition rate is generally higher than the on-campus tuition rate plus general activity fees. Online instruction has additional costs. The general activity fee pays for a variety of resources and staff salaries and covers the bond payments for the University Student Union and the Miller Wellness Center. These expenses do not go away in our move to online-only course delivery. In addition, support continues to be available for students with counseling services and health services. Virtual wellness and student activity programming is being developed for the remainder of the semester.

Campus Housing and Meal Refunds

A refund will be provided to students in campus housing (excluding campus apartments) and those who have a meal plan.

The refund will be 50% of the original amount for housing, except for those students approved for emergency housing at the close of the extended spring break.

The meal plan will be pro-rated for meal plans and all unused flex dollars will also be refunded to each student.

University Operated Apartments

While access has not been restricted to students living in campus apartments such as the Southeast Appartments, Skylight, Huggins, Garden Square or others where rent is paid monthly, residents will have two options at this time:

  • Residents may opt to remain in residence and fulfill the current lease agreement including monthly rent payments; or
  • Residents may request an early termination of their lease agreement with no penalty, effective April 1, 2020. Rent payments will be canceled for the remainder of the lease agreement. Students wanting early termination need to contact Maryke Taute.


A refund will be provided to all students who have a parking permit. The refund will also be 50% of the or the spring semester price.

Parking refunds for faculty and staff will be determined later once we know the staffing schedule for employees returning to campus.

Move-out schedule

The schedule for students to return to campus and get their belongings from the residence halls has been developed and information about the plan is available online. Please carefully read all of the information posted to the webpage.

The plan follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as it applies to social distancing and other best practices for cleaning and disinfecting. But, as this situation is one with continuously emerging guidance from federal and state authorities, please continue to monitor this website and your email for new guidance, which may alter this schedule.