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Image for Agricultural, Biosystems & Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Agricultural, Biosystems & Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Innovative and advanced systems engineering to feed and fuel the future.

The Ph.D. in Agricultural, Biosystems and Mechanical Engineering shares a common core between the department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and department of Mechanical Engineering.  Core courses will provide a broad foundation covering basic graduate concepts in A.B.M.E., compliance and research ethics. Several core courses are unique in the nation and make this program novel and highly integrated. Elective coursework will provide students with the opportunity for greater depth in a topical area and will usually be directly related to their dissertation research topic. This program offers students an opportunity to undertake research and advanced study in specialization areas such as:

  • biorenewable energy and bioresource conversion technologies,
  • engineering of advanced precision agriculture systems used in production agriculture,
  • natural resources engineering for utilization and conservation of soil and water resources,
  • advanced manufacturing and quality control technologies focused on composition, properties, and integrity of materials,
  • advanced thermal-fluid systems,
  • advanced composites, and
  • systems modeling.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Have an undergraduate/master degree in Agricultural Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or related engineering field
  • Want to conduct research in the field
  • Are a creative problem solver
  • Work well independently and as part of a team

Career Opportunities

  • Agricultural and Biosystems engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Scientist in a national laboratory
  • Researcher in industrial research and development
  • Engineering project manager
  • Teacher or researcher at a university
  • Design engineer
  • Test engineer
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Product engineer