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Audition for PRT

Prairie Repertory Theatre 2023

Prairie Repertory Theatre is a wonderful educational experience that immerses students in the theatre world by providing intensive training in both the performance and technical components of theatre. The staff thanks you for your interest in auditioning for our 2023 company. Our 2023 season includes Godspell, Rumors, See How They Run, and Oklahoma!. 

Auditions for PRT 2023 will be exclusively via video submissions due Friday, January 20 by 11:59 p.m.. Audition videos should consist of the following 

Song and Monologue: 

  • Submit a prepared song (accompanied, not a cappella) and monologue 
    • introduce yourself, your pieces, and the authors

    • repertoire should be appropriate to the season 

    • should not exceed 2 minutes in combination. 

  • Submit as a single file 

    • there will be a place to paste a link or upload a video file 

    • File name should be as follows: FirstName_LastName_PRT23_Audition 

 Dance Recording: 

  • Record a one-minute dance video  

  • The dance should coincide with the style of an upbeat musical.   

  • File name should be as follows: FirstName_LastName_PRT23_Dance 


  • File name should be as follows: FirstName_LastName_Resume 

Headshot (for performers) 

  • Upload as a jpeg 

  • File name should be as follows: FirstName_LastName 

Portfolio (for designers / tech) 

  • There will be a place to paste a link or upload a video file 

If call backs are needed, you will hear back no later than Monday, February 6, 2023 with any specific information needed for the in-person/virtual audition on Saturday, February 11, 2023.  

If offered a place in the company, you will receive an email to let you know of your roles and position in the company. If you are not cast you will be informed via email, as well. Agreement forms will be sent to company members and must be returned prior to the beginning day of PRT on Monday, May 15, 2023. 

Application and Audition Upload Form

More Information About Participating in PRT

PRT operates six days a week (Mondays-Saturdays) from May 15 – July 12, 2023. The PRT day is divided into 3 sections: 9 a.m.– Noon; 1–4 p.m. (Music/Dance from 4-5 p.m.) and 6-9 p.m. These hours change somewhat as the four productions are up and running. Company members are required to attend all work and/or rehearsal sessions. Sessions are dedicated to rehearsals and tech/ business areas. Cast will attend rehearsal and when not rehearsing, company members will be working in their designated Tech or Business work area. 

All students participating in PRT are assigned a work area. This is in addition to any roles you may perform. While most company members will work in more than one area throughout the summer, each student will have a primary work area. These areas include: scene shop, lights/sound, costumes, properties and publicity/box office. On your application form, you will indicate which you would like to be your primary and secondary work area. We will try to honor your request as best we can.

All students participating in Prairie Repertory Theatre must register for credit in THEA 480 at SDSU. Students should not register for their credits until after an offer has been made and accepted. 

Student Status Course Hours

Undergraduate student - THEA 480 (1 - 5 credits)

The approximate cost of one credit is around $310 for in-state and states with undergrad reciprocity. Out-of-state undergrads cost of one credit is approximately $427. (These fees are subject to SD Board of Regents change or increases). Those expenses are deducted from your PRT scholarship. Students from other institutions may wish to make inquiries as to whether the summer credits will transfer to their home institutions. Single-credit registration for non-SDSU students will be arranged for you. This all may sound complicated, but it is fairly simple.

As with any SDSU course, students must be in favorable academic standing in order to register for courses, and thus, participate in PRT.  All students will be required to respond to a midseason survey and respond to a survey at the end of the season.

Company members enrolled in THEA 480 receive scholarships for the summer. Enrolled students will receive a basic scholarship of $1500 for the seven-week season. Once the cost of the credit(s) is/are deducted from the scholarship award, the remaining balance is distributed to each student.   

PRT will provide and pay for on-campus housing for company members. In the past, those funds were included in the scholarship and the student was responsible to pay for housing. This should make things less complicated for company members. The university residence hall used for the company is very nice, and in close proximity to the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center. There is no need for company members to have a vehicle, but one certainly may.