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Section 2: Academics

2:1  Final Examination

2:2  University Classrooms

2:3  Course Syllabus

2:4  Student Academic Misconduct and Academic Appeals

2:5 Class Attendance 

2:6  Small Section Limitation

2:7  Utilization of Course Management System (D2L) in Teaching and Learning

2:8  Student Opinion Surveys of Faculty Instruction

2:9  Academic Amnesty

2:10  Textbook

2:11 Study Abroad and Travel Warnings

2:12  Student Organization Travel and Field Trips

2:13  Emeritus Faculty Designation

2:14  Adjunct Faculty Appointments

2:15  Graduate School - Change of Grade for -798 and -898 Course Work

2:16  Recording of Classroom Lectures and Distribution of Course Materials by Students

2:17  Credit Requirements for Graduate Credential Programs 
Note: Portions of this policy have been superseded. Please visit the governing SD Board of Regents Policies 2:5 and 2:29 for current guidance, to the extent superseded, while this policy is updated. To the extent the policy is not superseded, the provisions contained herein continue to be in effect.

2:18  Publication Delays for Theses and Dissertations

2:19  Graduate Assistants and Fellows

2:20  Academic Administrative Appointments and Related Salaries

2:21 Quality Assurance for Internet and Blended/Hybrid Courses

2:22 Use of Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Degree Requirements

2:23 Public Access

2:24 Internships and Other Experiential Learning Opportunities for University Students

2:25 Determining Minimal Faculty Qualifications

2:26 Graduate Admission and Progression

2:27 Graduate Faculty and Graduate Student Advisory Committee

2:28 Placement in Remedial Reading

2:29 Youth Activities and Camps

2:30 Out-of-State Educational Activities

2:31 External University Advisory Boards

2:32 Visiting Scholars