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Motivating Math through Science (M2S)



The Motivating Mathematics Through Science project is a workshop designed to help science and math teachers develop active learning environments. The project utilizes Vernier software and equipment and other hands-on materials to help mathematics and science teachers work together to teach students concepts in both subjects through inquiry-based science activities.  These interdisciplinary activities involve math and science concepts such as: measurement, unit conversions, linear functions, proportionality, systems of equations, the square root function, quadratic functions, the distance formula, inverse functions, and exponential functions. These concepts are discovered in the context of physical science lab activities and other activities developed by the principal investigators. Teachers are encouraged to modify the activities as well as develop other activities so that students see the connections between science and algebra. Up to 3 hours of graduate credit is available in mathematics or physics. The first M2S workshop was help at SDSU in June 2010. This projects fully funded through NCLB grants sponsored by the South Dakota Board of Regents.