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Physics Bowl

SDSU Physics Bowl 

The Physics Department of SDSU has long hosted a team challenge event to make learning physics fun. Intended to be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience for students, Physics Bowl was designed to allow contestants to experience the excitement of competition and meet other students from a variety of schools. For the top five schools, contestants were awarded cash prizes for themselves and a plaque for their school. Each team sponsor also received a physics memento of some sort in appreciation of his/her efforts.

Physics Bowl is a contest known state and regionally wide. Teams that had entered apprehensively found their experience to be full of fun and excitement, returning year after year. The level of difficulty for each question varied allowing for an opportunity of strategy (and a little luck) for students' guesses to score high enough to earn one of the prizes. The competition put the fun and fascination of physics out where everyone can enjoy it.

Questions were based on topics such as basic mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, basic electricity, optics, famous physicists, etc. Each team answered questions posed by the quizmaster. Answers were scored according to accuracy, speed or perhaps both. Each question had a point value, and the team with the highest score won.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Physics Bowl for Spring 2020 has been canceled. We hope to revamp and reschedule a new Physics Bowl in the future. Stay tuned.