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Physics Bowl

SDSU Physics Bowl XLV

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Physics Department of SDSU would like to invite your school to enter a team in Physics Bowl XLV (in conjunction with Engineering Expo). It is intended to be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience for your students. This contest, which starts with registration at 11:30 am, is an opportunity to make learning physics fun. The contestants experience the excitement of competition and meet other students from a variety of schools. Some of the contestants will carry away substantial cash prizes for themselves and a plaque for their school.

The following awards will be presented to each member of the top five teams: $40 to each member of 1st place, $30 to each member of 2nd place, $20 to each member of 3rd place, $15 to each member of 4th place and $10 to each member of 5th place. The top five schools will also receive a plaque appropriate for display. Each team sponsor also receives a physics memento of some sort in appreciation of his/her efforts.

Each school is eligible to enter one team, up to 3 student members, to compete against the other schools. Members of the competing teams must be taking or have had physics at the school they represent. Science teachers may decide in their own way how to select the team members for their school. If you are interested in participating, return the entry form and we will send you complete details at a later date.

This contest is now a popular event known state wide. If you have never entered a team before, please consider giving it a try. Teams which have entered apprehensively have found the experience to be full of fun and excitement and return year after year. The level of questions is appropriate so that no one ever feels embarrassed for not knowing the proper answer, and with a little luck, his/her estimates and guesses might even score high enough to earn one of the prizes. The competition puts the fun and fascination of physics out where everyone can enjoy it.

Questions will be based on topics such as basic mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, basic electricity, optics, famous physicists, etc. Each team will answer questions posed by the quizmaster. Answers are scored according to accuracy, speed or perhaps both. Each question has a point value, and the team with the highest score wins.

Only the first 18 teams to enter by contacting Sally Krueger with the intention to compete will be accepted. Do it early to avoid disappointment!