The PMNS Lab (Physics Materials and Nanoscience Lab), SDSU (CEH 350) houses both materials preparation and characterization facilities. 

Materials Preparation: (i) Arc-melter for bulk materials preparation, (ii) Sputtering Deposition Systems for thin film preparation, (iii) High-vacuum Furnace for heat treatment, and (iv) Ball miller for nanostructured material synthesis.

Materials Characterization: (i) X-ray Diffractometer for structural characterization, (ii) VersaLab Magnetometer for magnetic properties studies, and (iii) UV/VIS Spectrometer for optical property characterization.

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer: Quantum Design VersaLab magnetometer with temperature range from 50 K to 1000 K and magnetic field up to 30 kOe.
Sensitivity: 10-6 emu.
Rigaku MiniFlex600 X-ray Diffractometer: Useful for structural analysis of materials including phase identification, phase quantification, percent (%) crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement and molecular structure.
UV Vis
Lambda 850 UV/Vis Spectrometer: Equipped with both deuterium and tungsten lamps with wavelength range of 175 nm to 900 nm. It can be used to measure optical properties of both solid and liquid samples.
Arc melter
Arc-Melter: Very useful to prepare a range of metallic alloys under the flow of inert gas.
Ball Miller
Ball Miller: The planetary mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line has 2 grinding stations, which is designed for broad range of micro/nano-structured material synthesis using top-down approach. Particles of sizes up to 100 nm can be prepared using suitable still balls. Depending on the desired final particle size, the grinding can be performed dry, in suspension or in inert gas environment. This machine can reach an unprecedented rotational grinding speed of up to 2,200 rpm and centrifugal acceleration of 95 times the acceleration due to gravity.
Sputtering deposition system
Sputtering deposition system: This sputtering deposition system has both DC and RF sources for single and multilayer thin film deposition.
Sputtering deposition system with large targets
Sputtering deposition system with large targets
High Vacuum furnace
High-vacuum furnace: This system can be pumped to 10-8 torr with a maximum annealing temperature of 1200 oC.
Digital Balance
Digital Balance