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Public Health Certificate

Expand your knowledge of public health!

Completion of the Public Health Certificate will allow you to expand your knowledge of public health and understand the application of public health concepts to clinical and related practices. The courses will explore fundamental concepts in public health theory, epidemiology and application of public health concepts through programming. The certificate is a collaborative program between South Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota, allowing you to learn from public health experts at both universities.

This certificate is ideal for students in health professions majors and related programs. Adding the Public Health Certificate to your pharmacy, nursing, dietetics or other health professions major will augment the public health knowledge that you learn in your major courses and prepare you to apply public health concepts in your professional career. The certificate is also a great option for practicing health care professionals to expand your knowledge of public health. All courses in the certificate are offered online.

Application Deadline: Four weeks before the start of the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

Click here for admission information:

 Admission Information

Contact Dr. Dan Hansen, Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, for more information.

Public Health Certificate Scholarship flyer

Apply for the BREATHE-SD Public Health Certificate Scholarship

Students admitted to the Public Health Certificate program would have the opportunity to receive the BREATHE-SD Public Health Certificate Scholarship, which covers half-tuition through the BREATHE-SD project. If you would like to be considered for this scholarship, please learn more about the BREATHE-SD project and submit your responses to the following questions:  

1. How will the Public Health Certificate help you in your current or future position?  

2. Describe ways in which you plan to use the knowledge gained from this certificate to better serve individuals from rural and underserved communities.  

Responses are limited to a total of 2 pages.

To apply, please send your responses to Dan Hansen at with the subject line "Application for the BREATHE-SD Public Health Certificate Scholarship."


Public Health Certificate News

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The BREATHE-SD project was recently featured on a segment of The Prairie-Doc, which airs on SDPB. BREATHE-SD is a new grant-funded project to increase the respiratory therapy and public health workforce in South Dakota.