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Message from the Department Head

"​James Clem, Department Head"
James Clem, Department Head

The Department of Pharmacy Practice builds on the fundamentals of pharmaceutical sciences so that our students gain the knowledge and expertise to become skilled pharmacy practitioners once they complete the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.

Our department contributes to some of the curriculum leading up to the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree and is responsible for the majority of the curriculum in the last two years of the professional program (P3 and P4) leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The faculty members have practice sites in a wide array of pharmacy practice specialties and at a variety of locations providing students with a wealth of learning opportunities.

We’re proud of the service and outreach our pharmacy practice faculty provides. For instance, we provide medication education to numerous healthcare organizations, health care professionals, and the general public throughout the state.

Our faculty is also involved in numerous research endeavors. Among these, we collaborate with clinical trials of new medications and medication use, develop new and innovative pharmacy care delivery strategies, and study innovative teaching approaches to improve the delivery of the pharmacy curriculum.

Our students receive highly valuable career guidance and assistance as they make the move from the academic world into a career path.

Please take a look at what our department has to offer. Contact us if you have questions about the Pharm.D. degree program.

James Clem, Pharmacy Practice Department Head